Switch Necklace

269 NIS

It’s all about choice with the Switch Necklace. Choose from three individual shapes: rectangle, half-circle, and triangle. With the help of magnetics in the aluminum bar, your choice of shape can then be attached and re attached to match your mood, outfit or frame of mind. As dynamic as you are, the Switch Necklace is the obvious addition to an ambitious wardrobe.

 Switch Necklace is available in your choice of African, American and Cherry Woods

 All of our pieces are handmade. No item is identical to another. With a Maiker Studio design, you’ll always be wearing one of a kind.


Materials: African/American walnut wood, cherry wood, rubber cord, and Aluminium metal.

 Pendent dimensions: outer H 3.3cm W 5.0, D 0.8cm

Weight: 13g

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