Puzzle Necklace

269 NIS


The Puzzle Necklace is perfect for those with a sense of aesthetic harmony. The pendant is made up of two wooden pieces, each sitting on a strip of magnet. The pieces can be manipulated across the length of the magnet, adjusting to the shape that put your sense of harmony at peace and your outfit on point. Even when clasped at meeting points, the pendant’s full shape is slightly off center, giving it’s wearer a quirky sense of calm.

Puzzle Necklace is available in your choice of two mixes of both Cherry and African Wood.

All of our pieces are handmade. No item is identical to another. With a Maiker Studio design, you’ll always be wearing one of a kind.


Materials: African/American walnut wood, cherry wood, rubber cord, and stainless steel metal.

Pendent dimensions: H 5.5cm, W 4.2cm, D 1.0cm

Weight: 13g

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