Square Ring

219 NIS

The Open Square Ring is made from a single piece of gold plated brass that is then encapsulated by a piece of wood, before being crafted into it’s perfect square shape.

This set is available in your choice of a darker or lighter wood color and a number of sizes.

All of our pieces are handmade. No item is identical to another. With a Maiker Studio design, you’ll always be wearing one of a kind.


Materials: African/American walnut wood, and brass.

Dimensions: Small: inner Ø 1.6cm, outer W & H 2.1cm. Medium: inner Ø 1.8cm, outer W & H 2.3cm. Large inner Ø H 2.0cm, outer W & H 2.5cm. All D 0.6cm

Weight: Small 3g, Medium 3.5g, Large 4g


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