Square Bracelet

269 NIS

Square Bracelet is designed to be simple and easy to put on and take off. Hidden away in two brass sheathes are strategically placed springs. The springs allow the bracelet to expand as you slide your hand easily through, before taking its original place as it lands on your wrist. The peaking brass sheathes create a hypnotic glide as you take off and put on this beautiful piece.

Available in your choice of Cherry, African, or American Woods, this piece is really the perfect addition to a modern look.

All of our pieces are handmade. No item is identical to another. With a Maiker Studio design, you’ll always be wearing one of a kind.


Materials: African/American walnut wood, cherry wood, gold plated brass, stainless steel springs.

Dimensions: Small: inner Ø 5.6cm, outer W & H 7.4cm. Medium: inner Ø 5.9cm, outer W & H 7.9cm. Large inner Ø 6.4cm, outer W & H 8.4cm. All D 1.0cm

Weight: Small 32g, Medium 38g, Large 42g



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