The Concept

Maiker Studio creates thought-provoking and stylish accessories inspired by mechanics and puzzles.

Founded by Industrial Designer Meir Kramer, his eco-friendly handcrafted jewelry tests boundaries. Influenced by mechanisms and contraptions, Meir’s vision is to create statement pieces that put the wearer at the center of each design.

Meir’s jewelry is intended for the bold. Using wood, aluminium, silicon and brass, the unique use of geometric shapes and completion of contrasts gives a unique appearance.

The Creator

Meir Kramer is a Tel Aviv-based designer, with his studio located in the heart of Jaffa. A graduate of Industrial Design, Meir found himself drawn to the beauty of intricacy and detail. This discovery led him down the path of creating and designing distinctive accessories.

Meir’s design reflects his deep appreciation of detail in both technique and style.

I love to keep shapes simple and geometrical.  I receive much of my inspiration from mechanical objects of all kinds. My main focus is on the experience and the mechanism of putting on and taking off the jewelry piece itself. I feel I succeed in making this part unique and different.”