Harp Necklace

199 NIS 269 NIS

Harp Necklace comes as a two piece set, the rubber necklace, and a wooden pendent. The necklace is then attaches to the pendent with the help of strategically placed magnets. This means, the necklace length or pendant color can be chosen separately, allowing for the necklace to be personalized according to your liking.

 Harp necklace is available in your choice of a Maple, African Walnut, or American Walnut Woods.

 All of our pieces are handmade. No item is identical to another. With a Maiker Studio design, you’ll always be wearing one of a kind.


Materials: African/American walnut wood, Maple wood, rubber cord, and Gold plated brass.

Pendent dimensions:  W 6.5cm, H 4.0cm D 8.0cm

Weight: 13g


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