This is Where the Magic Happens! A peek into the craftsman’s studio

A day in my workshop begins before I’ve even walked through the door. On the walk over to the studio I take stock of the previous day and envision the day ahead.

I let my mind wander through different concepts for a new piece of jewelry that I want to design, and toy with the possibilities. As I get closer to the workshop, all of the pieces fall into place in my mind.

As soon as I arrive at my studio I put pencil to paper and make some sense of the ideas formed on the walk over.

My materials wait for me at my work table. One by one, I pick up the various materials laying there and feel their weight in my palm and their texture against my fingertips. My jewelry provides a sensory experience, so I take my time to feel the character of each material before making my selection.


Once I’ve selected the perfect material, the abstract designs can be formed. I spend time crawling on my sketchpad and fiddling with mechanisms.

Creating my jewelry is a mind and body experience.

This studio space is a shared environment. One designer may be working with light fixtures and another with doors, yet we are all focused on the beauty in the detail and have so much to learn from each other. 

I enjoy contributing to a space dedicated to creating and inspiring.

Like my creations, my work space is defined by its ability to inspire logic and beauty.