My City, My Inspiration, What drives this modern alternative rustic jewelry brand?

Tel Aviv is constantly inspiring me.

My dog Sandy and I soak up the eclectic street performances and contrasting architecture.

The city of Tel Aviv is unique in that she embodies new age in an age-old land. It’s a city filled with creators, designers and entrepreneurs bursting with energy and drive.

You get a sense of times past when wandering around neighbourhoods like Old Jaffa Neve Tzedek, and other parts of South Tel Aviv.

The market culture is one of the bridges between the past and the present, where women sell their handmade creations and discounted merchandise.


The Old Jaffa markets fascinate me. There are different mechanisms and materials to be discovered, things to be taken apart and treasures to be found.

Newcomers have revived South Tel Aviv, specifically Florentine. In this neighborhood, standing out is the only way to fit in. The streets seem to encourage you to be yourself and make your personal statement. In other words, it is an artist’s paradise. 

There’s something waiting to be discovered on every street in Tel Aviv, which is why I explore the outdoors when I’m in my “creating” mode.