A Passion for Puzzles The Vision for Logic Jewelry

I created Logic Jewelry with people like myself in mind; people who enjoy dressing in unique ensembles and using their minds. My designs are bold and are intended to start conversation. I don’t believe my pieces can be bound to one specific gender because their message is not ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine,’ but rather thought provoking and outspoken for all genders.



A Puzzling Fascination

Long before Logic Jewelry, as a small boy, I would find anything lying around the house -- a tape recorder, a chair, really a device of any kind -- and take it apart, only to put it back together. Everything was a puzzle to me.

As a child I was absolutely fascinated by Ikea. To a kid obsessed with dismantling and rebuilding things, furniture that arrived in bits and required this piece to fit into that piece for it to be functional was a dream come true.

My parents encouraged me to hone these skills by giving me a tool set and by accepting, for the most part, that if something was left lying around the house it probably wouldn’t stay in one piece.



I just loved working with my hands and getting into the realm of the “how”; I wanted to know how everything worked.

It’s a great feeling, the sense of fulfillment when you’ve made something with your own two hands.

From Dismantled Bits to Mechanic Potential

The Path To Logic Jewelry

Due to my love of mechanisms and how things work, I began studying industrial design. Over my four years in university I found myself drawn to smaller and smaller mechanisms. It’s always the small details that fascinate me.

I remember a particular school project was making a doll. We studied the mechanisms that were utilized in one doll that had springs for joints, which made the doll more flexible and interesting. The details, the contrasting shapes of head to body and the malleable springs inspired me to see something such as standard as a doll as something filled with mechanic potential.


Eventually, those intricate mechanic details led me to designing jewelry.

And that is how Logic Jewelry was born.

These are my beautiful, mechanical creations.